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What is Ravendex

Ravendex is the first non-custodial Decentralized Exchange on the Cardano Blockchain that allows swift and near instant transfer of assets and liquidity between native Cardano tokens and ADA. We are a cross chain exchange on The Cardano Blockchain that operates using the EUTXO model known for it’s unique features like the ability to have shared liquidity be split among different assets on The Cardano Ecosystem.

This is also one of the very first projects on The Cardano Ecosystem to conceive the idea of a crypto asset lending and borrowing platform using the recently released Alonzo Hard Fork update which allows smart contract to deposit assets and collect interests using pre-defined set of rules.

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Cross Chain Exchange // Swap Protocol

Ravendex will be a decentralized automated market maker protocol that will
enable users to swap and trade native cardano tokens in a trustless manner.

On top of the Cardano ecosystem, the eUTXO architecture provides a
one-of-a-kind opportunity for exchanges to pool liquidity.

Raven Wallet
Native Assets
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Transparent Tokenomics

Carefully Designed Tokenomics to enable transparency and immutability

ERC-20 to Cardano Converter

Our ERC-20 To Cardano Token Bridge would be helpful for project owners that would like to migrate their tokens from the Ethereum blockchains to utilize the low
transaction fees of Cardano by just a few clicks.

Cardano Cross Chain Bridge

Press and Interviews

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“Ravendex is another unique platform built on the Cardano Blockchain. It is a cross-chain exchange that operates using the EUTXO accounting model with unique features like splitting liquidity.”

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"Ravendex is a unique project, where users can lend their assets to a pool while earning interests. Furthermore, anyone can borrow within the platform as long as they provide collateralized assets."

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“Ravendex is Cardano-based decentralized exchange utilizing AMM protocol with a goal to enable users swap their assets on the Cardano blockchain without having to rely on a central authority to control it.”

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“Ravendex is a Cardano-based project that seeks to integrate a staking platform as well as a lending and borrowing platform, making it stand out among other Cardano Dex initiatives”

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The Roadmap


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